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  • перевод песни Scorpions / «Daddy’s Girl»
    текст песни перевод песни
    Daddy’s Girl : Английский

    Девушка отца : Русский

    Daddy's Girl

    Sweet little child
    You know nothing
    But a cold world outside
    You're too young to realize
    What he wants from you tonight

    Poor little girl
    There is no one
    You can trust in the world
    In the darkness of the night
    What he's doing is a crime

    Your mother denies
    There's a problem
    She's looking away
    She don't wanna hear you cry
    She will pray
    Then it's over for a while

    An ocean of silence
    Is drowning your heart
    What never should be
    Will remain in the dark

    She is daddy's girl
    Daddy's girl

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